In all the things that have joined to make you who you are, God’s grace is at work.  God embraces who you are, and you are to embrace His embrace of you.  The NT affirms that Jesus came into the world to rescue sinners.  This is the good news of the gospel.  Faith is not your achievement, but it is to grasp on to His faithfulness displayed in his life and death.  Believing is to accept and enter into the love with which you are loved.

But we know that a person is not declared “righteous” by works of the Jewish law, but through the faithfulness of Jesus the Messiah.  This is why we too believed in the Messiah Jesus: so that we might be declared “righteous” on the basis of the Messiah’s faithfulness, and not on the basis of works of the Jewish Law.  On that basis, you see, no creature will be declared “righteous.”  Galatians 2:16 (Kingdom New Testament).