“I look forward to his posts regularly and can say that they are inspirational. He has a way of addressing a Biblical issue and applying it to today’s issues in a unique way that is spiritually sound. I highly recommend you start reading these devotionals.”
LeAnn Schmelzenbach Steen MK,Wife, Mother, Artist
“Here are some of the most helpful, insightful, beneficial devotional thoughts I have found. Lamar Smith thinks with Wesleyan insight, Biblical authority, and experiential authenticity. I highly recommend these for my friends and family members.”
Jesse C Middendorf General Superintendent Emeritus Church of the Nazarene
“Outstanding daily morning devotional thoughts! Food for thought, fresh daily bread for the soul and spirit, written by a man who understands life.”
Lyle G. Parker, Retired Elder, Church of the Nazarene Office Administrator at Parker & Parker Law Firm
Kansas City, Kansas
“I’ve known Lamar Smith since my days as a fledgling pastor of a small mission church in Tennessee. He impressed me as a winsome man after the heart of God back then, and I’ve considered him a friend and mentor ever since. Each day I look forward to the encouragement and biblical insight I receive from reading his succinct and powerful daily devotional emails, and plan to be one of the first subscribers to his blog!”
Mike Dennis Pastor Bedford Church of the Nazarene Bedford, Ohio
“Pastor Lamar’s daily devotions are short, pointed and profoundly presented. Always scripture based, it gives me food for thought and meditation for my own devotional life. It is a blessed way to start my every morning on the truth of God’s Word.”
Renda Brumbeloe, President, Academy of Senior Professionals, Southern Nazarene University; Retired Airline Pilot
“Lamar’s devotionals go straight to the heart of the matter, as if directly from the Holy Spirit to my need. Thanks for your faithfulness, Lamar.”
Elizabeth Golden Christian Counselor Auburn, AL
“Lamar Smith has something to say and he says it beautifully. For me it is a refreshing word every single morning.”
Bob Broadbooks Regional Director USA–Canada Region Church of the Nazarene
“Bro. Lamar Smith is a devoted pastor and servant of Christ with a shepherd’s heart and a scholar’s mind. I look forward to his devotional thoughts because I know they are firmly rooted in the Scriptures, solid in theology, and a great guide for applying faith in Christ to everyday life. I am glad that Bro. Lamar is making his devotional thoughts available through this blog, and highly recommend them as a great way to grow in God’s grace.”
Rev. Kyle Poole Pastor, Midland Valley Community Church of the Nazarene Clearwater, SC
“Friend Lamar, Thank you for your excellent devotional thoughts! They are on-target, inspirational, instructional, theologically sound, even delightful! So glad you are doing the blog!”
Dr. J. Mark Barnes, Retired District Superintendent NC District Church of the Nazarene
“I am happy to be on Lamar Smith’s ‘mailing list’ because his one paragraph thoughts & insights are very insightful, easy to digest, and a quick read. They are always scripture based. Thanks, Lamar!”
Dr. Jim Diehl General Superintendent Emeritus Church of the Nazarene
“Rev. Lamar Smith’s devotional insights are often just the words that I need to hear. His focus on holy living based in a solid biblical foundation makes them trustworthy guides for the Christian journey. You will be blessed by them.”
Roxianne Snodgrass Pastor’s Wife and College Administrator
“I would highly recommend the devotional writings that Lamar Smith shares through his emails and on his blog. I enjoy them each day and find them to be encouraging, challenging and scripturally sound. They are very thought provoking as you meditate of the scripture verse for the day! Lamar is a gifted Wesleyan thinker and writer.”
Greg Story District Superintendent Alabama North District Church of the Nazarene
“Need a morning “pick me up” that’s better than coffee? Try Lamar Smith’s daily devotionals. I’ve been reading Lamar’s devotionals for some time now and find them to be inspirational, biblical and they really touch my soul. But they’re not all just “warm and fuzzy”, I’ve been challenged too. Thanks, Lamar, for this work of love”
John Sugg, Owner Expedia CruiseShipCenters Franklin, TN
“I have found Lamar Smith’s daily devotionals to be succinct, insightful, applicable to real-life situations, and scripture-based. I look forward to them every morning.”
Comer Johnson Retired Publishing Industry Sales Manager
“I love waking up to Lamar Smith’s devotions each morning. I find them to be sometimes challenging, sometimes comforting, but always pertinent. Starting the morning with God’s Word sets the tone for the day and inspires me to move closer to our Lord.”
Rebecca Posey Registered Nurse
“Rev. Lamar’s devotionals have joined Oswald Chambers’ as my trusted source of daily readings to encourage and draw me upward to higher truths. He is gifted with the ability to capture in a few carefully selected words, the broad and deep experiences of our heart’s journey towards our God.”
Jenny Hayes Assistant Director Nazarene Centro de Refugio
“H. Lamar Smith is a unique thinker and writer. He does not indulge in worn out cliche’s and past jargon. I have benefitted from his devotional messages.”
Eugene King, U. S. Army Chaplin, Retired
“These devotional thoughts have both challenged and inspired me. Keep them coming.”
Lowell Clyburn Retired District Superintendent Nashville, TN