Oct 30, 2017

At-One With God

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Atonement theories that stop with the cross rob the atonement of the beautiful big picture given to us in the NT.  Atonement places us into solidarity with the loving Savior (Romans 3:6-5), so much so that we are “in Christ”.  Because we have been reconciled to God, we have peace with God and are now

Oct 24, 2017

Drawing Us Back

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God reaches out to man to draw man to Himself into the union of oneness (John 17:22-26).  The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father through the Son to then draw the world through the Son back to the Father.  The Incarnation, Pentecost, and the Church all have this end in view.  “God was in Christ

May 5, 2017

Same Page

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Jesus was appointed by His Father for His mission, and He volunteered for it.  The appointing and volunteering occurred simultaneously without debate or reluctance in the councils of the Trinity.  The mission flowed out of the very nature of divine love.  It is who God is.  The Father and Son were not at odds with

Nov 21, 2016

The Embrace of God

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Be thankful for the embrace of our Father.  He has embraced us with the Arm of His Son and the Arm of His Spirit.  In love, He gave us His Son.  In love, He gave us His Spirit.  The Son and The Spirit are the Arms of God drawing us in love to Himself.  This

May 21, 2016

Drawn To The Father

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Trinity Sunday:  The Father sent His Son, and then, through the exalted Son poured out His Spirit on the day of Pentecost, so that He might draw the world back to the Father through the Son and the Spirit.  This drawing through the Spirit and the Son is our salvation and redemption.  The whole Trinity is

Jan 20, 2016

Others Oriented 

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God is focused on the other.  The members of the Trinity thrive as a community of self-giving love.  It is the nature of God to reach out to others in love.  God is a fountain of love from which love pours.  This love is focused on the other and is truly self-giving love.  If this

Oct 3, 2015

Unity of the Spirit

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Our unity with one another is anchored in the unity that exists in the Holy Trinity.  The Father, Son and Spirit live in complete unity.   The Spirit in us seeks to bring this kind of unity to our faith communities.  When the Spirit works in us unhindered, He will bring us together in the

Sep 2, 2015

Fellowship With The Trinity

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The Spirit proceeds from the Father through the Son to gather the world in Christ back to the waiting Father.  The Son left Heaven as the Son of God and returns to Heaven as the Son of Man, even the God-Man.  Having joined Himself by incarnation to all humanity, He now joins our humanity in

May 15, 2015

Not Abandoned

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Jesus said, “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you”  John 14:18 (ESV).  Our world is full of people who have been abandoned by someone, stuck on their own to fend for themselves.  The Holy Spirit is the promise of God that He will never abandon nor forsake His own.  The

Apr 29, 2015

The Fullness Of The Spirit

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The fullness of the Spirit is mystical, but not indefinite.  The Holy Spirit is simultaneously the Spirit of God and the Spirit of Christ.  Thus He comes to indwell us with the fullness of God.  Jesus is the image of the invisible God and is the image meant to be the guiding star for how