Nov 2, 2017

Completing Our Conversion

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The fact that human beings can be converted and changed is a wonderful thing.  Without it there is no hope for individuals or society.   Conversion involves repentance, which is making an about face, turning in a new direction.  Grace enables this.  There is a paradoxical sense in which we keep completing our conversion.  Sometimes

Oct 18, 2017

Confession, Repentance, Obedience

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Confession of sin should lead to repentance (turning around) and should be followed by obedience.  Confession of sin, which has no intention of amending one’s ways, is an attempt to use grace as a license to sin.  Confession is meant to be an honest statement of where we are in light of where God’s Word

Jun 2, 2017

Sent to Die

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“As the Father has sent me, so send I you.  I send you to be hurt, to be rejected, to suffer and to bleed.  I send you to do My kind of ministry: feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and prisoners, cast out demons.  Call for repentance!  Announce the good news that

May 15, 2017

The Piety Trap

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It is not as easy as we think to avoid some spiritual traps.  It is possible to be caught in one without fully realizing what is happening.  One in particular is the piety trap.  In pursuit of a spiritual life, as we begin to make progress we can start to rest in our piety which

Apr 25, 2017

God’s Way

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God does not always get His way in the world and in individual lives.  That is the risk He took when He gave us freedom of choice.  And to say that He makes all of our choices for us, taking absolute control, turns rationality on its head.  To say, “Thy will be done on earth

Mar 9, 2017

Evil Is Not Good

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Evil would love for you to call it good so that it has legitimacy in a world where it is the intruder, disrupter and destroyer.  It would love for the world to think that all manner of sins are just normal human expressions and are never to be called bad.  It would love to do

Mar 6, 2017

The Devil As Father

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Jesus said to religious leaders, “You are from your father, the devil.”  How can it be that religious folks have the devil as their father instead of God?  It happens because they have lost their absolute commitment to truth.  They are more interested in their own truth, position and power than the truth that comes

Jan 2, 2017

Spiritual Upgrades

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I am amazed at how often my computer and electronic devices, with their apps,  need updates and upgrades.  The electronic world does not work without it.  I am finding that in my relationship with the Lord I need to keep things connected and current.  Occasional there is a “bug” in my attitudes that can become

Nov 30, 2016


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Apologies are essential for the maintenance of all human relationships.  None of us express ourselves perfectly.  We are prone to speak too quickly.  We are prone to say too much.  Most of us do not get it right all of the time.  Apologies are one way that “we confess our sins to one another that

Oct 5, 2016

Jonah’s Anger

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Jonah got angry with God because he wanted God to feel about those foreign Assyrians the same way he did.  What God wanted from Jonah was that he would come to feel about the Assyrians the same way He did.  Jonah really knew that God was “gracious and compassionate”, but wanted Him to wipe out