Oct 21, 2017

On Our Knees Or Face

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Some of the words for worship in the NT carry with them the picture of one bowing prostrate on face or knees.  The wise men gave gifts to Jesus on their knees (Mt 2:11).  The leper who was cleansed fell on His knees before Jesus (Luke 11:16).  The disciples were on their faces after Jesus

Oct 17, 2017

The Blessing Of Crisis

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A life crisis may be a catalyst for needed change.   Think of a crisis that became a positive turning point in your life.  It broke the status quo.  It set you on a new path.  It was the beginning of a new maturity.  It produced a deepening in your relationship with your Lord.  A

Oct 2, 2017

Spiritual Immune System

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We are dependent on our immune system for survival on a planet where microbes come against us to bring disease.  We are told that there is no better way to strengthen our immune system than exercising, avoiding junk foods, and eating a broad variety of fruits and vegetables. Some foods let you survive and others

Sep 1, 2017

Prayer Teaches

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Prayer is more than an exercise in words toward God.  In prayer, deep confessions help us learn about ourselves.  Contrary to what we think, we do not know ourselves as well as we suppose we do.  Prayer teaches us to become honest with God.  In prayer, we learn to forgive, adjust, reorient and release.  In

Aug 26, 2017

Private Devotions

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As a devotional writer, I believe in private devotions, but I realize that the private part has in it a kind of danger.  Our spirituality disconnected from a body of believers is very incomplete.  We are not Lone Ranger Christians.  It is much more than “Jesus and Me”.  We are part of a community called

Aug 20, 2017

Shut The Door

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“But whenever you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you” Matt 6:6 (NRSV).   We need some shut-the-door praying, praying that shuts out diversions, sidetracks, to-do lists, wandering thoughts, media distractions, etc.  It is

Aug 12, 2017

Stewardship Of Choice

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The power of choice is a great gift from our Creator and a trust as surely as a talent is a trust (Matt 25:14-30). Choices are more expansive and comprehensive than we often think. They are more consequential than we can know.  Their ability to impact ourselves, those around us and even the world are

Aug 10, 2017

Spiritual Descendents

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Isaiah said, “The barren one has more descendants than the married wife.”  How can that be?  We are all spiritual descendants of Abraham and his barren wife.  We are spiritual descendants of so many who have gone before us in this grand family-of-God tree.  We are called, in that tradition, to produce more descendants of

Jul 31, 2017

Wordy Prayers

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“They suppose they will be heard for their many words” -Jesus.  Prayer is not about the multiplication of words, even polished words and phrases.  There is nothing wrong with thinking through and writing beautiful prayers.  It is a great spiritual exercise.  Try it.  Choose words that exalt our awesome Father.  However, in the end, what

Jul 11, 2017

Prayer Driver

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Many motives can drive our prayer life:  Guilt.  Desperation. Special needs.  Real hunger and thirst.  Deep hurt.  Powerful pain.  We have all prayed from these places many times.  What if our overall desire for prayer was just to be with our Lord?  What if prayer times were about loving on our Abba?  What if we