Palm Sunday

/Palm Sunday
Mar 19, 2016

A Kingdom Portrait

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Palm Sunday was the day that Jesus publicly presented himself as Israel’s Messiah by acting out an OT prophecy.  He even paraded the kind of humble Kingdom He was bringing.  Look at the man on the donkey!  He does not look like the promised descendant of David!  He does not look like one whose dominion

Mar 28, 2015

Palm Sunday

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The God who chose a donkey for His triumphant entry has a different agenda than ours. The crowds who proclaimed Him king had their own vision of what the Messiah was supposed to do.  Little did they know, and little did we know, He would be the kind of Messiah He is.  We must accept

Apr 12, 2014

All Evil Will Be Banished

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The mission of the Messiah is the conquest of the whole earth.  Israel’s King is the King of the world.  He is Lord of all.  He will not stop until all evil is banished from his entire creation and the “righteousness of the Lord covers the earth as the waters cover the sea.”  The earth

Mar 24, 2013

The King is Here!

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This humble king riding a donkey is God’s promised Messiah.  Wave your palm branches!  Bow before Him!  He is the just King and has come to establish justice.  He has come to rescue us from our real enemies of sin, death and evil powers.  He is in conquest of the whole world.  He will not