Dec 4, 2017

The Messiah Is Lord

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Messiah came first as a baby, wondered at by Jewish shepherds and later worshipped by Gentile magi.  He is not just the Jewish Messiah; He is the Messiah for the whole world.  He is the King to whom all kings will bow.  He is the Lord of all lords.  To confess him as Lord is

Nov 5, 2017

The Spirit Is Moving

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The Spirit of God is moving today.  Those who are stuck in past movings will never see it.  God is speaking today.  Those who are attuned to Him will hear Him.  “He who has ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches” (Revelation 2 & 3). The Spirit of

Oct 18, 2017

Confession, Repentance, Obedience

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Confession of sin should lead to repentance (turning around) and should be followed by obedience.  Confession of sin, which has no intention of amending one’s ways, is an attempt to use grace as a license to sin.  Confession is meant to be an honest statement of where we are in light of where God’s Word

Oct 6, 2017

The Spirit And Sanctification

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There is no personal holiness without the Holy Spirit.  Jesus “suffered without the gate to sanctify the people with His own blood” (Heb 13:12).  The Bible also says that we are “sanctified by the Spirit to be obedient to Jesus Christ” (I Peter 1:2).  What the blood of Christ provides, the Holy Spirit applies.  Without

Sep 30, 2017

Captives Of Love

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When Paul said, “The love of Christ controls us,” he was using it in the sense of love being the driving force in His life.  The fact that “one died for all,” for love’s sake, is a life transforming worldview.  It changes how we see people.  It changes the way we treat everyone.  It changes

Sep 1, 2017

Prayer Teaches

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Prayer is more than an exercise in words toward God.  In prayer, deep confessions help us learn about ourselves.  Contrary to what we think, we do not know ourselves as well as we suppose we do.  Prayer teaches us to become honest with God.  In prayer, we learn to forgive, adjust, reorient and release.  In

May 4, 2017

Not Isolated

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When theological academia and Bible study are secluded from helping people and ministering to people on the “outside,” it becomes ivory towered isolationism.   The same is true for cloistered spirituality.  We cannot quarantine ourselves away from human need and not get sick ourselves.  God surely calls us to sharpen our theological and biblical understandings

May 1, 2017

Believe, Obey, Live

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Jewish poetry was not about rhyming words, but about parallel thoughts that modified and complemented each other.  This is true of biblical prose as well.  A great example is John 3:36a (ESV):  ‘Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life.”  This verse by design keeps

Apr 25, 2017

God’s Way

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God does not always get His way in the world and in individual lives.  That is the risk He took when He gave us freedom of choice.  And to say that He makes all of our choices for us, taking absolute control, turns rationality on its head.  To say, “Thy will be done on earth

Apr 21, 2017

Seeing The Risen Christ

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We sing and ask the Lord to draw us nearer to Him.  We say that is what we want.  I have found that when we do the righteous actions He commands, we find Him near.  When we forgive and show mercy, He is near.  He is really into forgiveness and mercy.  When we love and