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Nov 15, 2017

Light Expelling Darkness

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The parallels between the creation story in Genesis 1 and John’s new creation story in John 1 are amazing.  The first command in Genesis 1 is “let there be light.”  At this command darkness went away.  John tells us that Jesus is the Light Whom the darkness could not overcome/extinguish.  Jesus’ life enters our life

Sep 26, 2017

All Things New

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“If any person be in Messiah, he is a new creation; the old things have passed away and behold new things have come” II Corinthians 5:17.  In Messiah the old creation is fading away and the new creation is coming; the old is gone and the new has begun to arrive.  The resurrection of Jesus

Jun 7, 2017

The Conspiracy

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The ancient world looked for a messiah.  False messiahs came and went.  Jesus was crucified, and yet His followers proclaimed the rejected Jesus to be the promised Messiah.  “And every day, in the temple and from house to house, they did not cease teaching and preaching that the Messiah is Jesus” (Acts 5:42).  The good

May 17, 2017

Right Will Win

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The moral universe bends toward righteousness.  It will not stop until unfairness is banished and justice is established, until wrong is defeated and right wins.  We have a part in the move of justice.  We either work with its tide or we will be washed away with it.  “He will not fail nor be discouraged,

Apr 16, 2017

First Fruits Of New Creation

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The thing that most excited and animated the early disciples about Jesus’ resurrection was that it was completely different from a resuscitated human body.  Jesus himself had raised three people from the dead, but His own resurrection was very different.  His was a never-before-seen kind of body that made them know that the scriptural prophecies

Mar 25, 2017

Transformed Character

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Someone has said, “Life evokes character.”  We learn who we are by living, and we become different when we learn to live in the ways Jesus taught us.  If “Life evokes character,” Jesus through the processes of His grace can transform character.  He did not come to us to give us a ticket to the

Feb 16, 2017

God So Loved The World

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God loved the world in its sin and brokenness.  He loved it enough to become incarnate in it.  He loved it so much He wanted to redeem it.  He loved it so much He would not abandon it to its fall.  He loved it so much that He did not come to condemn it.  He

Dec 20, 2016

Beautiful People

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Agape love has eyes to see the beauty in all people.  Agape has been defined as “a selflessness that delights in the other”.  Look in the faces of earth’s beautiful people.  All are made in the image of God’s beauty.  See it in the bud of a child, the blossom of the young and the

Sep 3, 2016

Death’s Time

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Sometimes we know by prognosis or diagnosis that our death is near.  A few know by intuition.  For the vast majority, we do not know.  It comes as a surprise, unannounced.  Death comes in the midst of jobs partially done and dreams not yet fulfilled.  It interrupts and disrupts our lives.  We really know it

Mar 26, 2016

The Resurrection Answer

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The Resurrection of Jesus answered the Psalmist when he asked, “Will the departed spirits rise and praise You?”  Jesus provided a living example of Resurrection when His Father raised Him from the dead.  Jesus is our true hope over death.  His resurrected-new-creation body foreshadows the body we will have.  In our Messiah, death does not