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Jul 6, 2016

Let It Pass

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Jesus said, “Let it pass from me”.  Sometimes we pray this as well.  It is not a sin to pray that prayer.  The struggle can bring us to say, “Nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will.”  God does allow some things to pass from us.  He may let us avoid some things.  But

Oct 22, 2015

The Unleashed God

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God can do what God chooses to do.  Yet, He wants to work in and through us as humans.  We are afraid to surrender to His plans.  We want God on a leash so we can control Him.  We are afraid of where He might take us.  We like to play it safe.  The unleashed

Aug 27, 2015

Another Joseph

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Joseph said to His brothers, “You meant it to me for evil, God meant it to me for good”.  Another Joseph was abandoned by His brothers, denied by His friend, sold by Judas, and crucified by Pilate.  The political establishment wanted Him dead.  The religious establishment wanted Him out of their way.  They sent Him

Oct 26, 2014

Let God Be God

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We want to trust God’s power when we might just need to trust His wisdom.  He knows better than we know, can see further than we can see and is working in us for a long term purpose.  We very much want to tell God how He really should handle our situation.  We only push

Mar 2, 2014

Being Free

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Our goal is to be completely conformed to God’s will and way for our life.  When, in love, we conform our will to His, then we will be truly free.  There can be no freedom so long as we merely do what we want.  When we do that we discover both emptiness and a lack

May 15, 2013

Truth to Guide

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The Holy Spirit is our immediate personal connection with the Father and the Son. He is our Guide to truth.  The Spirit cannot lead us contrary to the will of God.  He does not guide us contrary to His Word.  We are resourced by the combined counsel of the Father, Son and Spirit.  The goal

Dec 22, 2012

God’s Will and Mary

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Mary embraced the will of God.  Submission to the will of God can be costly.  Her reputation!  The scandal!  The gossip!  They would say in a derogatory way of her son (reflecting on Mary too), “We be not born of fornication” (John 8:41).  The costliness cannot be compared to what God was doing in her