Nov 22, 2017

Thanksgiving As Worship

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Two words, thanks and giving, are joined to make one word.  Thanks given to a friend for some gift or act warms the heart of the receiver.  Thanks is an act of giving; directed toward God, it becomes worship and warms Abba’s heart.  “Those who bring thanksgiving as their sacrifice honor me.”  Whatever else you

Nov 18, 2017

Takers And Givers

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“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly” John 10:10 (ESV).  A thief comes as a taker.  Jesus came as a giver.  The thief takes a life to get what he wants.  Jesus gave His life to rescue all.  The thief destroys. 

Oct 4, 2017


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Generosity flows to us from a generous Father.  It flows to us, not to give us this or that blessing, but with the intent of making us generous persons like our Father.  We freely give because He freely gave.  His benevolence enables us to be changed into a benevolent person.  We, the children of this

Jul 29, 2017

Love’s Actions

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If we love, it leads us to action.  Love that is not expressed is merely empty sentiment.  Real love for God expresses itself in obedience to its Lord.  Genuine love has empathy and compassion.  Agape is not passive.  It can’t be.  It will not allow us to sit on the sidelines.  It draws us toward

Jul 1, 2017

Blessings Bounce Back

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You can’t give a blessing without receiving one.  You can’t give a gift without gaining ground.  Jesus said, when you give mercy you obtain mercy.  When you give forgiveness you are forgiven.  We don’t give to get, but we can’t give without being touched by the generosity of our Father. “Cast your bread upon the

Oct 3, 2016

More Grace

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Grace fills you up when you pour it out on others.  Pour out what God gives you, and you will find an inexhaustible supply.  Give mercy; receive mercy.  Give forgiveness; receive forgiveness.  This is certainly not earning what you get by your own actions; that misses the point altogether.  This is the law of generosity. 

Jul 23, 2016

Holy Paradoxes

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Peace comes with surrender.  Harvest comes after seeds have died.  Joy comes after tears of sorrow.  Sunrise follows the darkest hour.  Hope often blooms in the midst of despair.  Love can be present in the midst of hate.  “The greatest is the servant of all”.  The largest gift may not be the greatest gift.  The

Jul 16, 2016

Be A Giving Person

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Give with a generous heart and free hand.  Give as lavishly as the Father has given to you.  From His hand He has given you so much.  Discover the joy of giving.  Let your generosity be thanksgiving to God.  Be a giving person.  Let your gratitude overflow by giving yourself, your time, your money and

Jun 20, 2016

The Blessing of Giving

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Giving for the religious spectator is usually spasmodic.  For the faithful, their giving is systematic.  For the radical, their giving is sacrificial.  To give out of passion for mission, and love for the Lord, divides the committed from the casual.  Giving frees us from the trap of being takers.  It transforms us from a stagnant

Nov 24, 2015

Gratefully Give Blessings

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We frequently say, “I am blessed” or “God has been good to me.”  Indeed it is true!  God has been good to us so we will be good to each other.  God has blessed us so we can bless others.  A good job is so that we will have something to give.  A good day