Apr 15, 2017

Empty Tomb

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Throughout history mankind discovered that the tomb was necessary to separate the living population from decaying bodies.  Tombs had a finality about them because death was seen as having the last word.  Messiah’s empty tomb changed all of that.  Death no longer has the last word.  Death is now emptied of its power, denied its

Apr 5, 2015

Sealing The Tomb Of Jesus

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It was a futile act.  Hate can’t win over love.   Fear can’t win over hope.  Error can’t win over Truth.  Evil can’t win over good.  Injustice can’t win over justice.  Sin can’t win over holiness.  The visible can’t win over the Invisible.  Man’s ways can’t win over God’s ways.  The power of Darkness can’t

Apr 4, 2015

He Is Alive

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Pilate said more than he knew when he put over Jesus’ cross, “King of the Jews”.  Christ’s persecutors thought it was over for the “King of the Jews”.  They marked Him off as one more dead failed leader, but this King descended into death in order to rob death and the grave of its power. 

Apr 19, 2014

News from the Tomb!

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Something unbelievable has happened!  The tomb of the “King of the Jews” is empty.  Jesus has been seen alive!  Evil and unjust political powers did not have the last word!  Evil is turned on its heel!  Good has prevailed!  Satan tried to end Him and couldn’t!  God raised Him from the dead!  Never give up!