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Nov 13, 2017

Acts Of Becoming

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What I do comes down to who I am.  Actions flow out of character.  Words and deeds flow out of thoughts.  All of these things speak of who we are.  Observe them.  There are things about our own words and actions that should alarm us.  There are things about our thoughts and attitudes that should

Nov 8, 2017

The Face of God

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The Psalmist cried out to see the face of God.  “My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When shall I come and behold the face of God?” Psalm 42:2 (NRSV).  Moses wanted to see the face of God but could not (Exodus 33:20-23).  The face of God that the Psalmist and Moses did

Oct 29, 2017

The Mark Of Knowing God

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There is something God-like in all of us when we are born into this world.  It is called the divine image, marred by the fall, but still present in all.  This is meant to be the magnet that draws us to come to know God Himself and to be restored to the divine likeness.  This

Oct 14, 2017

God’s Essence

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“God is love” (1 John 4:8, 16).  It is His character.  God does not have to try to love.  Love is the essence of Who He is.  The human problem is that we are not yet like that.  God knows this full well.  So, in love, He laid down his life for us.  That love

Oct 13, 2017

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Love

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Love does not control, manipulate, extort, demand, threaten, seek to harm, retaliate, nor is it vengeful (1 Corinthians 13).  God is love, and to the degree we do any of these things, we are just that much unlike God.  Love is self-sacrificial, seeks the best interest of the loved, persuades, and welcomes sinners.  God is

Sep 29, 2017

The Evil Of Controlling

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The work of controllers is very un-God-like.  God gives us unconditional love.  God’s love is what gave us freedom in the first place.  This is freedom to disobey Him and go against His desires for us.  It is freedom to eat from the other tree.  It is freedom to go our own way and walk

Sep 25, 2017

Clarifying Love for Enemies

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We all know Jesus said, “Love your enemies.”  What does that mean?  To love our enemies does not mean that we surrender all that we have come to know about God.  It does not mean that we agree with them if they are acting in evil ways.  It does not mean that we are so

Aug 30, 2017

Neither Male Nor Female

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The human family is male and female.  Both were made in the divine likeness (Gen 1:27).  Both fell.  God desired to rescue both.  The purpose of redemption is to restore the divine likeness, so of necessity, women are recipients and full participants in that.  Both men and women received the Spirit at Pentecost and prophesied. 

Jul 2, 2017

Value All People

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Valuing people is necessary to a fulfilled life.  It is a must for servant leadership.  It is essential to keep our own personhood in perspective when we value others.  Sometimes we realize late how valuable some people have been in our lives.  Jesus valued the disciples by washing their feet, simply serving them.  Valuing people

May 31, 2017

Chosen for Christlikeness

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God has chosen that His people would become like His Son.  If we would be called His people, we should expect Him to be shaping us, not like the dominant culture, but like His Son.  It is our highest calling.  Amazingly, it will not destroy our individuality and personality; instead, it will make it.  It