Oct 21, 2017

On Our Knees Or Face

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Some of the words for worship in the NT carry with them the picture of one bowing prostrate on face or knees.  The wise men gave gifts to Jesus on their knees (Mt 2:11).  The leper who was cleansed fell on His knees before Jesus (Luke 11:16).  The disciples were on their faces after Jesus

Oct 16, 2017

Churchly Experiences

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It is possible to have a religious experience and never become a Christ follower.  You can enter a religious culture that will get you to jump through some hoops, so that you will be “in” or “accepted”, with the assurance that you have arrived.  You may do great works.  You can then spend your life

Sep 6, 2017

They Left Everything

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Peter said, “We left everything and followed you.”  We see that as a boast, but it was the fact of what had happened.  Peter needed a perspective that included the end in view, and Christ gave it to him.  In following Jesus we receive more than we left, we gain more than we lost.  The

Aug 19, 2017

Women Disciples

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No self respecting Rabbi of Jesus’ day would have women as disciples.  Yet Mary sat at His feet (that’s what disciples did) hanging on every word (Lk 10:41-42).  Women traveled with Him and also supported Him out of their means (Lu 8:2-3).   Women were the first proclaimers of the resurrection (Luke 24:22).   Dr.

Aug 10, 2017

Spiritual Descendents

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Isaiah said, “The barren one has more descendants than the married wife.”  How can that be?  We are all spiritual descendants of Abraham and his barren wife.  We are spiritual descendants of so many who have gone before us in this grand family-of-God tree.  We are called, in that tradition, to produce more descendants of

Jul 4, 2017

Be Like Jesus

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So you want to be like Jesus!  It is more than gentleness, kindness and loving your enemies.  Eaten with any sinners lately?  Fed any hungry people?  Prayed for the sick?  Had any prayer vigils all by yourself?  Have you yet been moved by compassion for folks who have no Shepherd?  Have you brought any straying

Jun 14, 2017

Body And Soul

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To choose either evangelism or social justice over the other is to pervert the gospel.  The good news of the kingdom of God includes both.  People need to come to personal faith in Christ.  Human problems need to be met with true compassion.  A disciple of Christ is to be concerned about both.  Jesus fed

Jun 13, 2017

Where It Will Take You

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Simon Peter answered, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God” (Matt 16:16).  Just because you have confessed your belief that Jesus is the Messiah does not mean that you know where it will take you.  The Messiah did suffer, and we join His suffering.  We as disciples learn to be disciples through

May 4, 2017

Not Isolated

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When theological academia and Bible study are secluded from helping people and ministering to people on the “outside,” it becomes ivory towered isolationism.   The same is true for cloistered spirituality.  We cannot quarantine ourselves away from human need and not get sick ourselves.  God surely calls us to sharpen our theological and biblical understandings

Apr 23, 2017

To Be Recommissioned

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Most of us are familiar with the call to Peter and Andrew, “Follow me and I will make you become fishers of men” (Mk 1:17).  We are not as familiar with the fact that having returned to their nets they were in need of a recommissioning.  This time, the word was, “Feed my sheep” (Jn