Sep 14, 2017

Better Than They Are?

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What is there in us that makes us feel we are slightly better than other people?  Even those who think of themselves as an outcast sometimes feel it.  Of course it is pride, the seed of narcissism.  It is the source of divisions among the human family and the church.  It values its own opinions

Sep 2, 2017

We Are A She

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The Church is a she and not a he.  Yes, it is the body of Christ, but it is because “she” is married to Him, one flesh with Him.  She walks with her Companion.  She is one with her Lord, unified with her Mate, in solidarity with her King.  The reason that there is not

Aug 30, 2017

Neither Male Nor Female

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The human family is male and female.  Both were made in the divine likeness (Gen 1:27).  Both fell.  God desired to rescue both.  The purpose of redemption is to restore the divine likeness, so of necessity, women are recipients and full participants in that.  Both men and women received the Spirit at Pentecost and prophesied. 

Aug 26, 2017

Private Devotions

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As a devotional writer, I believe in private devotions, but I realize that the private part has in it a kind of danger.  Our spirituality disconnected from a body of believers is very incomplete.  We are not Lone Ranger Christians.  It is much more than “Jesus and Me”.  We are part of a community called

Aug 23, 2017

The Banned Jesus

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Jesus upset norms and long established customs.  This was more than the moment that He turned over the tables of the money changers.  Throughout His ministry He sought to bring Israel back to the true worship of God and with a real love-centered ethic.  He said, “You have heard it said, but I say to

Aug 10, 2017

Spiritual Descendents

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Isaiah said, “The barren one has more descendants than the married wife.”  How can that be?  We are all spiritual descendants of Abraham and his barren wife.  We are spiritual descendants of so many who have gone before us in this grand family-of-God tree.  We are called, in that tradition, to produce more descendants of

Jul 30, 2017

Being Christian

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Culture is driven by accepted customs.  Churches are driven by established traditions, even the ones who think they are not.  There have been times in history when cultural forces were more Christian than the church.  There have been times that the church has used its voice to prevent needed change and even resist established truth. 

Jul 28, 2017


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We can become involved in a kind of “busyness” that keeps us from more important tasks, yes, even in the church.  We get preoccupied with the insignificant and miss the significant.  Without priorities we will not get the consequential and essential things done.  “Busyness” with the minor may make us feel good about our service,

Jun 27, 2017

The Inner Circle

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The most common word in the NT for church is ecclesia.  It simply means the “called out ones.”  Another word for NT Christians is koninia.  It is translated “fellowship, partnership and communion”.   Conversion in the NT was marked by the ecclesia becoming a vital part of the koninia.  To say it concisely, we were

Jun 3, 2017

The Church’s Grand Opening

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The Church had its grand opening at Pentecost.  Its opening was not about marketing but about launching an earth-wide mission.  It is about the beginning of New Israel, where Jew and Gentile together would become the one new chosen people, who are chosen to be lights and evangels to those who sit in darkness.  It