Dec 2, 2017

The Eternal Son

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About 1700 years ago there was a pastor name Arius who threw the church into controversy.  He was teaching, “There was a time when the Son was not.”  In 325 AD, the shepherds of the church came together to unify its teaching on the Son.  They concluded, with apostolic teaching, that the Son is co-eternal

Nov 30, 2017

A Pagan World

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The church was born in a pagan world, and it did just fine.  Polytheism and idol worship were everywhere.  Sensuality with its confusion about human sexuality abounded.  Dehumanizing slavery was highly prevalent.  The pagan world was not a match for the Kingdom of God.  The announced gospel made it obsolete.  It crumbled before a Spirit

Nov 26, 2017

True Christian Community

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Someone has said, “People who come together just to be together do not comprise Christian community.”  Heretics can do that.  Gangs do that.  Social clubs do that.  In the church we gather around creeds that are still very relevant.  We gather around “the faith once delivered to the saints” (Jude 1:3).  We live the life

Nov 25, 2017


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A new term is coming to the fore to describe our day— hyper-individualism.  It is different from, but the first cousin of narcissism (self-worship).  Hyper-individualism is a culture turned totally to the individual.  You might call it hyper-selfishness.  Everything is about us, our needs, our whims and drives.  It has an aversion to community, which

Nov 11, 2017

One Church

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Why did Paul not “pull out and start a new church” after Peter showed prejudice about Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians eating together?  Because it is the family of God, and he was not disowning the family.  Because it was the Body of Christ, and he did not want to divide it.  The church is

Nov 6, 2017

Down On The Church

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Don’t get down on the church: She is Christ’s Bride.  Don’t get down on the church: The Spirit of the Lord is still speaking to it and empowering it in so many places.  Don’t give up on the church, for Christ said that He would build it, and the gates of hell would not stand

Oct 24, 2017

Drawing Us Back

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God reaches out to man to draw man to Himself into the union of oneness (John 17:22-26).  The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father through the Son to then draw the world through the Son back to the Father.  The Incarnation, Pentecost, and the Church all have this end in view.  “God was in Christ

Sep 14, 2017

Better Than They Are?

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What is there in us that makes us feel we are slightly better than other people?  Even those who think of themselves as an outcast sometimes feel it.  Of course it is pride, the seed of narcissism.  It is the source of divisions among the human family and the church.  It values its own opinions

Sep 2, 2017

We Are A She

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The Church is a she and not a he.  Yes, it is the body of Christ, but it is because “she” is married to Him, one flesh with Him.  She walks with her Companion.  She is one with her Lord, unified with her Mate, in solidarity with her King.  The reason that there is not

Aug 30, 2017

Neither Male Nor Female

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The human family is male and female.  Both were made in the divine likeness (Gen 1:27).  Both fell.  God desired to rescue both.  The purpose of redemption is to restore the divine likeness, so of necessity, women are recipients and full participants in that.  Both men and women received the Spirit at Pentecost and prophesied.