Feb 16, 2018

Tears Of Exile

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“By the rivers of Babylon— there we sat down and there we wept when we remembered Zion.  On the willows there we hung up our harps” Psalm 137:1-2 (NRSV).  What a picture!  Have you ever been in the place of exile?  Are you there now?  It is hurts to have homing instincts and not be

Feb 13, 2018


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(10 Devotionals on Tears To Begin Lent)

Tears are a gift.  Tears can express joy and happiness.  They can express sadness and pain.  Sometimes we are afraid to cry, for fear we can’t stop.  Tears can bring us to a place of release.  They may be with us when on the verge of despair.  They are

Feb 12, 2018

Christ The Seed

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God promised that all the earth would be blessed through the seed of Abraham.  Paul makes it clear that this seed is Christ Himself.  He is the One who has come to bless the world.  Seed is “sperma” in the Greek from which we get sperm.  It is the same word for seed used in

Feb 11, 2018

God’s Will

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I heard Richard Parrott say, “God’s will is not a decision; it is a way of life.”  The will of God is how we think and how we live out worship in our flesh and bones.  It is how we put ourselves on the line as a living sacrifice.  We refuse to conform to the

Feb 10, 2018

Rabbi Jesus

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Jesus was the greatest Jewish Rabbi ever.  His reinterpretation of the law and the story of His people were and are radical and revolutionary.  We sweep under the rug the teachings of Jesus that trouble us.  We do not dwell on those that contradict our lifestyle.  We explain away what makes us uncomfortable.  It is

Feb 9, 2018

Life’s Moments

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The moments in our lives are like snowflakes; no two of them are the same.  We may repeat something today that we did yesterday, but it is different.  The second time we do something, it is different than the first because we are different.  The changes in us are unnoticeable from day to day, but

Feb 8, 2018

The Interceding Christ

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Why the intercession of Christ?  It is certainly not because He is trying to overcome the Father’s reluctance.  Intercession is His solidarity with the whole human race, first glimpsed in the incarnation.  He has taken our humanity and exalted it to the right hand of the Father.  We are now seated in union with Him

Feb 7, 2018

God Loves You

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We say, “God loves you,” until it has become trite.  Oh my, never let it become meaningless.  The essential essence of tranquility of soul is the settled understanding that you are loved by your Father.  Never lose sight of it!  Keep it central in how you think of yourself.  It will get you through anything. 

Feb 6, 2018

The Kingdom Has Arrived

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The Son of Man is given a mission to have dominion over all kingdoms and governments, all nations and ethnic groups, all languages and cultures.  It is called the Kingdom of God.  The good news of the NT is that this long awaited kingdom has arrived in Jesus of Nazareth.  We align ourselves with it

Feb 5, 2018

The Gospel Is For Now

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Our evangelism is often driven by getting people ready for the next world.  The evangelism of Jesus and the Apostles was to get converts to the Kingdom of God ready for this world.  They were to live their lives for and under God’s government and not the political powers of the moment.  They were to