Oct 27, 2017

The Stream Of Choices

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When God created humans they began to reshape this world by their choices.  We live on a choice-shaped planet.  We have been shaped by thousands of choices, by thousands of people, some a thousand miles away.  Some of these are ancient history, some recent history and some contemporary.  This does not mean we are in

Oct 12, 2017

Finding Meaning

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Rational human beings want to know that life and the things that happen in it have meaning, because meaning gives us significance.  It is haunting to think that things are happening for no reason.  God does not order everything that comes into our lives.  It is just the way life works out on this fallen

Sep 23, 2017

My Garden of Decisions

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I have growing in my life a garden of trees called decisions.  These trees were planted by the choices I have made.  I eat fruit daily from this garden.  Some trees bear fruit long after I think they should have stopped.  Some fruit is sweet and some of it is bitter.  There is no digging

Aug 24, 2017

Free Grace

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The protestant church has divided itself over predestination and free will.  John Wesley sought and found a middle way in prevenient grace.  In it he taught that all persons are given a measure of grace, which enables them to freely choose.  The implications of this are huge.  Without prevenient and ongoing grace we are still

Aug 12, 2017

Stewardship Of Choice

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The power of choice is a great gift from our Creator and a trust as surely as a talent is a trust (Matt 25:14-30). Choices are more expansive and comprehensive than we often think. They are more consequential than we can know.  Their ability to impact ourselves, those around us and even the world are

Aug 9, 2017

Going Back

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Moses’ brother-in-law, Hobab, chose to go back to his own land rather than to go forward with Israel.  In so doing he walked away from Israel’s story and from serving as an elder among them (Nu 10:29-32).  Demas left the apostolic mission, loving this present world more (2:Tim 4:10).  Jesus Himself had disciples that went

Aug 7, 2017

Captured By Your Emotions

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Emotional balance is not always easy to achieve.  We can allow our emotions to take us places we do not need to go.  We can allow our feelings to eclipse our faith.  We can allow an emotional place to make us miss the very place in which we find ourselves.  Anger can become uncontrolled rage

Jul 5, 2017

Bad Things Happen

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Just because something bad has happened to you does not mean that something is wrong with you.  That is a lie the enemy tells us.  Neither is it because God has singled you out for some heavy burden just because He is trying to make you stronger.  Christians also get hit by stray bullets, cars,

May 30, 2017

Temptation’s Lure

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When fishing, you are seeking to attract a fish to your bait, to get the fish to look at it, smell it, follow it, and ultimately bite it.  This is not unlike what the Tempter does to us.  We are surrounded by hundreds of opportunities a day to take the bait.  Go the other way;

Apr 25, 2017

God’s Way

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God does not always get His way in the world and in individual lives.  That is the risk He took when He gave us freedom of choice.  And to say that He makes all of our choices for us, taking absolute control, turns rationality on its head.  To say, “Thy will be done on earth