Walk The Way

Be an imitator of Jesus.  Know and follow His teachings.  Live your life in the way He taught us to live, in your actions and reactions.  Let Him be your guide.  Step in the footsteps of Jesus.  Some Continue reading

Our Final Offering

Today we “present our bodies a living sacrifice.”  The time will come when we will present to the Lord the person we have become as an offering.  Live your life with this end in view.  What kind of Continue reading

Be His Arms

Treat every person you meet like a real person. Look at them. Give them a kind smile. Listen.  Be present for the other person, not just yourself.  One way we love the God we cannot see is by loving Continue reading

Seed Of Abraham

The New Testament tells us that Christ was the seed of Abraham and that the “seed” (Gal 3:16) would bless the whole world.  He would do this by making a new humanity that is not based on race (Jew or Continue reading

Truly His Disciples

Disciples of Jesus Christ are intentionally trying to put into practice the teachings of Jesus.  They turn from their old actions and reactions to act and react as He taught. They seek to act out His Continue reading

Embrace Discipline

People avoid discipline because it is not fun.  Those who love ease and pleasure do not love discipline.  Without discipline we can never grow nor develop.  We start with an external discipline from Continue reading

The Persistent Love Of God

  There is no greater grace gift that we have than the persistent love of God.  It cannot mark off just one sheep as lost.  Love goes looking for it.  It is love that embraces the Prodigal.  Continue reading

An Ongoing Work

As believers we advance new creation by continually yielding ourselves to Christ for personal sanctification (Romans 6).  We are becoming the Carpenter’s greatest work.    Charles Wesley wrote, Continue reading

Give Him The Glory

We are not`to be in the business of lighting our own light.  Life is not about glory for ourselves.  The glory belongs to our Messiah and King.  We are to let His light and glory shine through us in a Continue reading

Sin As Failure To Love

Jesus teaches us that loving God with our whole being and our neighbor as our self is the fulfillment of all the commands of Scripture.  Therefore sin at its core is a failure to love.  Do not judge Continue reading