Hearing Thunder

God testified from heaven about Jesus and some folks only heard thunder.  May we be able to hear God when He speaks.  May we not be among those who hear a garbled message that sounds like thunder.  Continue reading

King On His Terms

Jesus hid himself when they were going to take Him by force and make Him king.  Their terms?  A bread giving Messiah!  For Jesus, the cross was essential to His kingdom.  Jesus will not become our Continue reading

The Way Of Decrease

John the Baptist said, “He must increase, but I must decrease” John 3:30.  Humility of John?  Yes!   Nearing completion of his mission as forerunner?  Yes!  Yet, there is more!  This is to be a Continue reading

He’s Taking Back Your Heart

To give in to sin within yourself is to fight against yourself.  You will always lose.  Sin will win.  The only thing that will pull sin from the throne you have given it is the Lord Messiah Himself. Continue reading

Martyrs For Christ

Throughout Christian history, believers have laid down their lives in severe persecution rather than deny Jesus. Jesus even said to rejoice when persecuted.  We are in one of the greatest waves of Continue reading

At Home

When Christ enters the house He comes as more than a guest.  He comes as Lord of the house.  He comes to take title.  He comes to reign.  There is no peace when we reign.  Abdicate the throne!  When Continue reading

Christ Stirring Within You

We like the Christ with us whom we can stir from His sleep when our boat is in trouble.  Christ Himself wants to stir our hearts to do the things He did when He was among us.  When we do these things Continue reading

The God Who Pursues

You can be mad at God or you can love Him.  You can run from Him or run to Him.  You can even say He does not exist, but that won’t stop His pursuit of you.  He loves you too much to leave you alone.  Continue reading


“Where I’m going,” replied Jesus, “you can’t follow me just now.  You will follow later, though.”  John 13:36 (KNT).  The ultimate plan is to follow Jesus.  How that plays out in our lives has lots to Continue reading

Ideas And Impulses

“It was suppertime, the devil had already put the idea of betraying him into the heart of Judas…after the bread the satan entered him.”  John 13:2, 27 (KNT).  All ideas and impulses do not come from Continue reading