Trust At All Times

When we allow fear, anxiety or worry to enter our spiritual house, they bring with them blinders that keep us from seeing goodness and blessings all around us.  Let faith, hope and love cast them out, Continue reading

Fellowship With The Trinity

The Spirit proceeds from the Father through the Son to gather the world in Christ back to the waiting Father.  The Son left Heaven as the Son of God and returns to Heaven as the Son of Man, even the Continue reading

Ministry Methods

“I would rather make mistakes in kindness and compassion than work miracles in unkindness and hardness,” -Mother Teresa.  There are methods of ministry that are unchristian.  We can do great harm Continue reading

The Spirit Of This Age

Our hearts and minds have been invaded by the spirit of this present age.  We are conformed and not transformed.  We have ceased to be salt and light.  We reflect the culture more than we reflect the Continue reading

Uncomfortable Devotional Thoughts

We love devotional thoughts that give us comfort.  There are certainly places and times for that.  But sometimes our devotional thoughts should disturb us, call us out of lethargy, and bring us to a Continue reading

The Encourager

There was a man in the New Testament church who was nicknamed, “The Encourager”.  Barnabas!  He encouraged the church at Antioch which was reaching the Greeks, not the “in thing” for the church in Continue reading

Expect Hardships

Becoming a Christian does not solve all of our problems.  In a world hostile to Jesus, it may create a whole set of new ones.  Too long we have marketed Christianity as something that will solve all Continue reading

Another Joseph

Joseph said to His brothers, “You meant it to me for evil, God meant it to me for good”.  Another Joseph was abandoned by His brothers, denied by His friend, sold by Judas, and crucified by Pilate.  Continue reading

Guardian Against Evil

In a world of malignant evil, we need a Guardian for our souls and spirits.  Hate, discord and anger gives Satan an opportunity to work (Ephesians 4:26-27).  Satan is energized by un-Christlike ways.  Continue reading

The Freeing Power Of Generosity

Generosity is not always about how much you give.  It is to give from a generous heart what you have.  Jesus observed the offering of the widow’s two small copper coins and noted that she had given Continue reading