Choices And Intimacy

Your character development as a Christian has a positive and negative component.  The negative is that you have to say, “No,” to some things.  There is forbidden territory and forbidden fruit.  We Continue reading

Refuse To Lose Heart

Life has a thousand ways to break your heart.  You must not let even one of them break your spirit.  Life with all of it joys has a way of crashing in and crushing us.  In these times we must not lose Continue reading

Love Because Of Who You Are

God loves us, not because of who we are, but because of who He is.  We should love others for the same reason.  It is not about the object of love being perfect or worthy, but it is about our becoming Continue reading

Getting The Bride Ready

Our union with Christ is like that of the bride and groom.  We are engaged to Him and are to wait in purity for His coming to us.  We are destined to become “one flesh” with our Groom.  He is making Continue reading

Honest To God

God is real, and if we are to be real, our relationship with Him must be real.  Honesty before God enables us to be authentic.  Humbly bowing before Him does not just put us in our place, it enables Continue reading

Repeating The Savior’s Actions 

Jesus is our wonderful and merciful Savior.  He did not come to curse us but to bless us.  He did not come to find a way to condemn us but to find a way to forgive us.  He never delights in Continue reading

Endure Hardness

All suffering cannot be fixed with a pill.  A part of spiritual development is to endure hardship.  Life has physical, emotional and spiritual pain.  Life can sometimes hurt us very badly.  We have a Continue reading

Strange Gifts To Share

If you are dealing with loneliness, it is so you can help the lonely.  If you have walked in darkness, it is so you can be a light to others who walk in darkness.  Grief is a chance to experience the Continue reading

Made To Work By Love

The universe was made to work by love and for love.  This is the harmony of the created order.  Hate brings discord.  Real love centers on God who is love and lives to re-express that kind of love in Continue reading

Don’t Work Against Your Own Prayers

Prayers for cleansing are useless when we continually and knowingly let images into our heart that are so opposite from the cleansing we say we crave.  Self-discipline is as much a part of our purity Continue reading