Fear and Faith

Fear can cause faith to waver.  It can cause the heart to faint.  It can paralyze the will to act.  It can keep us frozen in the midst of the battle and ineffective even in the smallest things we need Continue reading

What You Think

We become what we think.  We are shaped by what occupies our mind.  We have to be on guard for our own heart and thoughts.  The books we read, the movies we watch, the songs we sing, the images we Continue reading


The self knows how to pretend its name is love.  It can call selfishness compassion.  It can do all this, because it wants to think of itself as righteous.  “Every man's way is right in his own eyes” Continue reading


Miserable people are not available to serve other people or to serve the Lord.  Their misery and self-focus has them sidetracked.  They do not know that if they serve others, then joy would not pass Continue reading

The Incarnation

The incarnation was a deliberate action on the part of God to enter the human condition, including suffering and death.  The incarnation is a testimony that God does not stand aloof from the suffering Continue reading

God as Father

Do we yet know God as Father?  Is it imprinted on our mind and heart?  Do our emotions sometimes doubt it?  Have we ever been lost in His kind embrace?  Have we heard His Spirit in us crying out, Continue reading

Seeing Possibilities

Holy Spirit, speak words of truth in our hearts.  Touch our imagination.  Give us inspiration.  May we have eyes to see what You see and ears to hear what You hear.  May we see opportunities where Continue reading

Humbly Asking

We want to do certain things so God is obligated to bless us.  This turns Christianity into a Baal fertility/prosperity cult.  We get upset with God because He does not respond in the ways we want Him Continue reading

Let God be God

Baal worshipers served a god who could be manipulated.  Theirs was a fertility/prosperity cult.  If people did certain things then Baal and his wife would become stimulated to intimacy, then the land Continue reading

Divine Fellowship

Jesus desires that “The love wherewith You loved Me may be in them, and I in them.”  We dwell in Him and He dwells in us in a mutual indwelling.  To have Christ in us is to have the love of God Continue reading