Reverse Hospitality

Jesus amazingly invited Himself to be a guest in the home Zaccheus.  Jesus was not invited.  He invited Himself.  His host joyfully responded.  Jesus invites Himself so that He might give us His Continue reading

Labor Is Good

Thank God for your job this Labor Day.  Thank Him for health and energy to actually work.  Labor allows us to feed our families, and, as Saint Paul said, “He must labor, performing with his own hands Continue reading

Expose The Idols

The gods of this world are present and active in our culture.  They prefer to work anonymously, remaining unnamed.  When named, identified and exposed  they lose their cloak of secrecy and most of all Continue reading

Resentful Service

There is a kind of service, which one may think is for the Lord, that is done resentfully.  The service is rendered, but loathed in the process.  The ones served do not sense love nor concern with Continue reading

Right Tools

Christians are called to use a different set tools for life as modeled by our Lord.  To the world these tools seem so irrational.  Jesus met hate with love, violence with kindness, curses with Continue reading


A prayer to be like God is ultimately a prayer for holiness.  God is holy and that is what we are to be like.  God is love and that is what we are to be like.  Holy-Love is the mark of the DNA of Continue reading

Honest With Me

One of the most difficult things we face is being totally honest with ourselves.  One reason it is so difficult is that we shield ourselves in order to protect ourselves from what we might discover or Continue reading


Knowing how to receive love, gifts and compliments is a part of personal development.  Pride is a barrier to receiving.  Humility is the solution.  If it is good to give grace, it is also good to know Continue reading


It is sad to be outsmarted by Satan.  We look and say of ourselves, “Now, how dumb was that.”  We have an adversary that wants to defeat us, undermine our faith and divert us from mission.  Satan is Continue reading

The Lordship of Christ

The Lordship of Christ demands certain things of us.  It ultimately demands that we give up our claim to ourselves in favor of His claim on us.  To do that gladly, without reluctance, regret or Continue reading