The Day Before Pentecost

The ninth day of the disciples’ prayer meeting continued, but yet the Holy Spirit had not come.  Have you ever been there waiting for a divine breakthrough?  Did it feel as if it would do no good to Continue reading

A Deep Knowing

“In that day you will know that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you” John 14:20 (ESV).  The Holy Spirit makes possible a deep knowing that is beyond audible voices and signs.  He is with Continue reading

Ascension And Promised Return

They kept looking into the heavens to catch one more fading glimpse of the ascending Christ.  Two angels reminded them that He who ascended would one day again descend.  We have a blessed hope.  Our Continue reading


We can be diverted from the mission of Christianity by preoccupation with prophecy or splitting theological hairs.  Some persons are led aside by these and others by the love of this world.  In either Continue reading

Making God Near

The Holy Spirit has been associated with the bizarre and extreme.  This has been perpetuated by charlatans and even well meaning preachers.  The unfortunate result is that some have backed away from Continue reading

The Spirit Of Our Lord

The ascending Christ promised the descending Holy Spirit.  When He ascended to the Father, He poured out His Spirit, His very Self.  According to Peter in Acts 2, the Holy Spirit is poured out by the Continue reading

Under Orders

The disciples were under orders to wait for the Spirit.  Those who had been baptized with water were commanded to wait for the baptism of God’s Spirit.  There is a waiting for the Spirit that we need, Continue reading

Not Abandoned

Jesus said, “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you”  John 14:18 (ESV).  Our world is full of people who have been abandoned by someone, stuck on their own to fend for themselves.  The Continue reading

Spirit-Ready Community

  Jesus told His disciples that loving Him and keeping His commandments would open the way for the coming of the Holy Spirit on the community of disciples.  This happened on the day of Continue reading

Ascension And Redemption

Today marks the day that Jesus ascended to the Father.  We usually think that we are saved only by the cross.  May I suggest that there are eight aspects of the work of Christ that bring us Continue reading