New Creation And Love

The new creation will be the fullness of love given and returned in a beautiful inclusive circle of unimagined delight in the other.  This future is to be our present.  It is the foretaste of heaven’s Continue reading

Love Because Of Who You Are

Christ’s disciples learn to love for the sake of love.  God loves us not because of who we are but because of who He is.  God is love.  It is expressed to us as mercy and grace.  As a Christian we Continue reading

The Idols Are Back

Idolatry is still a main cause of the spiritual failure of the people of God.  It is allowing anything to push Him out of the love-center of our lives.  Satan is a master at using the tools of the Continue reading

Welcome The Work Of The Spirit

When the Holy Spirit searches your heart and graciously tries to do God’s work in it, Satan will try to divert your attention to the faults and failings of other people.  With this wrong focus you Continue reading

Character Transformation

In a powerful quote Dallas Willard said, “Our goal is not to obey the teachings of Jesus.  Our goal is to become the kind of persons that naturally obey the teachings of Jesus.”  As believers we start Continue reading


The drift away from Christ-centeredness, from active faith and from involvement in the life of the church is a very subtle thing.  It is caused from going with the currents instead of against them.  Continue reading

The Spirit And The Churches

As the Lord speaks and whispers to individual souls, so He speaks messages to congregations.  Each of the letters to the seven local churches of Revelation end with, “He who as an ear to hear, let him Continue reading

He Is Faithfully Persistent

God loves us too much to leave us alone.  His Spirit is the “Hound of Heaven” always on our trail.  By overtures of grace He woos us in order to win us.  He knocks, but waits for us to open the door.  Continue reading

Power And Control

We must give up our quest for power and surrender to the authority and power of the kingdom of God.  There is more satisfaction in working with God’s power than running around manipulating people as Continue reading

Those Born Of God

The love of God is like a great heat source; the closer we get to Him the warmer we feel.  John was the disciple who grasped the love of Jesus more because he was close enough to hear His heart beat.  Continue reading