Let the Nails Hold You

Jesus let the nails hold Him to the cross.  He submitted to their power.  He accepted their pain.  He forgave the driver of the nails which fastened Him to the wooden beams.  It is not easy to hold Continue reading

Grace, the Cross and Upper Room

He received us by grace on the cross and opened the way for us to receive His Spirit by the gift of the same grace.  He died for us and came to live in us.  Bow at the foot of the cross and take it Continue reading

The Humble God

The God who is great became little. The One who is everything became unknown. The One who is Holy made Himself of no reputation. The God who fills all things filled the Virgin’s womb. The Continue reading

There Were Three Crosses

The rebel’s cross. The Redeemer’s cross.  The redeemed’s cross. Two common criminals.  One Uncommon Man. Two sinful men.  One without sin. Two deserved death.  The Innocent One did not Continue reading

Embrace the Cross

We would like to be with Jesus on the Sea of Galilee, but we do not like to be with Him at Calvary.  We like loaves and fish but not crosses.   We look at Him on the cross wanting to take His pain Continue reading

All Evil Will Be Banished

The mission of the Messiah is the conquest of the whole earth.  Israel’s King is the King of the world.  He is Lord of all.  He will not stop until all evil is banished from his entire creation and Continue reading

Delayed Gratification

There are many benefits to self-denial.  Most wealth is built that way through disciplined savings or investing!  That is not going to happen if you spend today in self-gratification for everything Continue reading

Denying Self

Deny self is the same word used for Peter denying the Lord.  As Peter denied any relationship that he had with Jesus and any claim Jesus had on him, then we too must look at self, remember the times Continue reading

Close the Distance

“But Peter followed him at a distance” (Matt 26:58).  We do that when the demands of Christ are tough and uncomfortable.  When we mature, we desperately want to be near Him, embracing our cross.  We Continue reading

Living under His Lordship

Christianity is more than confessing Jesus as Lord.  It is living under His Lordship in all of our thoughts, words and actions.  It is to bring ourselves so fully under His Lordship that He is Lord of Continue reading