God’s Love In Us

We have an equal need to love and be loved.  It is part of what it means to be human.  God loves us.  We give that love away to others.  To fail to love others is to be sub-human.  To love only for Continue reading


The healing of the soul is not without scars anymore than the resurrection of Jesus erased His scars.  Scars remain.  Sometimes the hurt never goes completely away.  You live with it.  Your greater Continue reading

One Breath

In Hebrew and Greek the words for “wind, breath and spirit” are the same in those respective languages.  Dr. Timothy Green reminds us that the idea expressed in all of these is “moving air”.  Continue reading


Our yearnings for God are muffled when distractions set in.  They come and eclipse the Light.  These distractions can be the necessary duties of life.  They can be passions for other things, good or Continue reading

Love and Hurt

You can’t truly love without getting hurt.  Even God can’t.  People may reject and spurn your love.  They may ignore it and treat it as a worthless thing.  They may use it and then cast you in the Continue reading

Let God Be God

We want to trust God’s power when we might just need to trust His wisdom.  He knows better than we know, can see further than we can see and is working in us for a long term purpose.  We very much Continue reading

Living The Future Now

The resurrection of Jesus says our promised future is already here.  He is the “first fruits” of those risen from the dead.   We have already begun to live our future.  This is why holy living is so Continue reading

Interactive Relationship

The Holy Spirit calls us to an interactive participation.  We “work out what He works within”.  We are to “grieve not” and to “quench not” the Spirit.  With Him we are workers together with God in our Continue reading

Needing An Upgrade

Regularly I get messages on my computer that I need to download software upgrades.  This helps my computer work more efficiently and protects it from threats in the cyber world.  God knows what I need Continue reading

Lord Of All Creatures

All of creation knows the Creator: the animals of the field, the birds of the air and the fish in the sea.  He made them all.  Fish piled into a net at His command.  He sent ravens to feed His Continue reading