Costly Perfume

Wednesday of Holy Week is shrouded in mystery.  We do know that Jesus at the beginning of the Jewish Wednesday (Tuesday evening, Mark 14:3-9) was anointed with an alabaster of expensive burial Continue reading

Embracing The Cross

On Tuesday of Holy Week Jesus again predicts His own death.  Jesus marched with resolve to embrace His cross.  It is difficult to embrace our cross.  We draw back from the pain.  Life is made up of Continue reading

The Messiah Cleanses The Temple

On Monday of Holy Week Jesus entered the temple and cleansed it (Mark 11:15-18).  It was understood that one of the things the Messiah would do when He arrived was cleanse the temple and restore Continue reading

Palm Sunday

The God who chose a donkey for His triumphant entry has a different agenda than ours. The crowds who proclaimed Him king had their own vision of what the Messiah was supposed to do.  Little did they Continue reading

Stumbling And The Race

Christians can stumble through temptations in unguarded moments due to pride, arrogance, self-confidence, self-sufficiency, laxness or laziness.  When you fall down, turn over on your knees.  Confess, Continue reading

Walk The Way

Be an imitator of Jesus.  Know and follow His teachings.  Live your life in the way He taught us to live, in your actions and reactions.  Let Him be your guide.  Step in the footsteps of Jesus.  Some Continue reading

Our Final Offering

Today we “present our bodies a living sacrifice.”  The time will come when we will present to the Lord the person we have become as an offering.  Live your life with this end in view.  What kind of Continue reading

Be His Arms

Treat every person you meet like a real person. Look at them. Give them a kind smile. Listen.  Be present for the other person, not just yourself.  One way we love the God we cannot see is by loving Continue reading

Seed Of Abraham

The New Testament tells us that Christ was the seed of Abraham and that the “seed” (Gal 3:16) would bless the whole world.  He would do this by making a new humanity that is not based on race (Jew or Continue reading

Truly His Disciples

Disciples of Jesus Christ are intentionally trying to put into practice the teachings of Jesus.  They turn from their old actions and reactions to act and react as He taught. They seek to act out His Continue reading